My Gratitude

Here it begins – my one thousand gifts from Him…

1. Women who bring my need to God in prayer

2. A biopsy that comes back “benign”

3. Flowers from my man to let me know he’ll always love me

4. The wonder and beauty of the family unit

5. Grace, grace and more grace to do the job that’s before us

6. My man…strong enough to keep me in line; tender enough to assuage my fears

7.  A  Savior that set, for all eternity, the holy example of hard eucharisteo in the Garden of Gethsemane

8.  My Lord God who never gives me more than I can bear

9.  I thank you Jesus, that when I’m burdened and heavy laden, I can take Your yoke upon me – a yoke in which You carry all the burden while I simply learn to follow your lead

10. This body that is fearfully and wonderfully made, having the capacity to heal itself because He is the Great Physician.

11. Sunshine pouring in through the living room windows

12. Bird song in the early morning hours

13. Hot tea in BIG over-sized cups

14. A cozy place to read His Word

15. Kids that truly love one another

16. His mercy that is new every morning

17. Children that know Jesus as their Savior

18. Adult children that have wisdom beyond their years

19. God’s ability to bind up the brokenhearted

20. My husband – a gentle and patient man of God

21. New beginnings and hope for tomorrow

22.. My daughter – a gift of love

23. The plans He has for us

24. Beautiful music that speaks to my very soul

25. Friends that encourage me and love me just as I am

25. Quiet days at home spent reading

26. Melting snow and the changing of seasons

27. Heart-to-heart talks with my son

28. College kids @ home for Spring break

29. Songbirds at the feeders

30. Knowing…really knowing…that when I am weak, He is strong

31. His Word, spoken into my heart – be still and know that I am God…

32. Sisters – a friend and confidant that goes with you for a lifetime

33. Laughter – a daily dose that makes the difficult things in life easier to bear

34. Siblings – someone who knows your whole story and loves you just the same

35. The promise of Spring…new life in all things

36. A hint of green after months and months of white

37. The drip, drip, drip of the thaw

38. The smell of Spring…pungent, wet earth and decomposing vegetation

39. Late winter snowstorms that never materialize

40. Warm scones and coffee shared with the ones I love

41.  School snow days and family at home in the middle of the week

42. A faithful Father who knows our frailties

43. Friends across the miles

44. New friendships and the joy of fellowship

45. My husband who has faithfully worked the same job for over 30 years

46. A church family that welcomed me back after a 6 year absence

47. Godly women and new friendships

48. His continuous care and direction in mylife

49. New life in the garden

50. The end of our winter hibernation

51. Spring’s arrival!!

52. Crocuses and scilla bursting into bloom

53. The migrant songbirds…stopping at my feeder on their way up North

54. My Mother’s return home…safe and sound

55. The feeling of new beginnings with the onset of Spring

56 .  As I think about the heavens and about what Your fingers have created;
how You made the moon and stars and  have set them  in their place.

2 responses to “My Gratitude

  1. Julie Lund Fiedler

    Carey – I absolutely am enjoying your blog. You write beautifully and I can’t wait to see more. Enjoy your day, weekend and forever! xxoo – Julie

    • Hi Julie…it’s so nice to hear that you’ve come a-visiting! It’s hard to believe how many years have passed since those days back at Wrenshall High! I hope that you and your family are doing well. I’m glad that you’re enjoying my blog.
      I’m enjoying it much more than I thought I would. I find myself either laughing or crying as I write the posts. Sometimes I do both simultaneously…especially when I’m looking back at photos of when my kids were little. The time went by much too quickly.
      Let me encourage you to enjoy every moment with your family. Before you know it, they grow up and move away. 😦 Hugs to you too! Carey

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