Meet WanderWoman

For those of you who want to know a bit more about me, I’ve spent the past five decades in beautiful northern Minnesota and have made my home in a small, sleepy town just a 20-minute drive from the shores of Lake Superior.

I’ve been married to the same wonderful man – The Great White Hunter – for the past 25 years and have been blessed with three extraordinary children.  We  live in a cozy, green-shuttered cottage that is surrounded by a very weathered, white picket fence and shaded by birch and pine trees that were planted long, long ago.

My home is my refuge – a place where flowers grow in abundance and the song birds flock to feed.  A place where I’ve known unparalleled joy, but also deep sorrow.  A home where kids have howled with laughter, cried with defeat and discovered their loving Savior. I’ve led a full and busy life in these north woods and have watched the decades fly by.

I spent most of my 20’s earning two college degrees; my 30’s giving birth to and raising children; and my 40’s trying to balance the demands of being a wife, a mother, Sunday-school teacher, home decorator, landscaper and owner of a home business.

I chose the life of a homemaker and my husband, a teacher, which meant that we had to learn to be thrifty.  No big house. No cabin on the lake. No expensive trips to the tropics.  But this really didn’t matter!  When the school year ended, we’d hop into our old Mazda van and head out on a family road trip.  Most summers we could be found  gallivanting across the countryside – a few dollars in our pockets, a road map in hand and an unquenchable spirit of adventure driving us forward.

It was here that we experienced the beauty and wonders of His world and came to appreciate this journey we were taking together. Unbeknown to us, these summer jaunts were also introducing our kids to the world outside our little, sleepy Minnesota town and preparing them to one day leave home…which they did!  My first two fledglings – Liz & Liv – have flown away and are currently settled in Christian colleges – one in MN, the other in CA.  There’s just one feather left in my nest – a son named Isaac – whose name  (meaning laughter) is very befitting him!

I’m now in my 50’s and asking the Lord to prepare my heart for this next chapter in my life…a soon-to-be empty nest and my husband’s upcoming retirement.  My posts will a be reminiscence of sorts – a looking back at days gone by and remembering the goodness, mercy and grace that He poured into our lives.  ThisLifeOfWander is the vehicle by which I’ll be counting these blessings, day-by-day,  lest I ever forget His faithfulness.

7 responses to “Meet WanderWoman

  1. And to think I actually know you! 🙂 When you are a famous blogger don’t forget me. You write beautifully and I can’t wait for your next posts, Carey….

  2. Kathleen Kolu

    Love it Carey!!!!! Way to go! i look forward to reading more. And…I miss you!

    • Oh my gosh! It is really you? I’m so delighted that you stopped by my blog for a look-see. I miss you too Kath and I remember fondly the times when the four of us (Dawn, Julie, You, Myself) would get together and have lunch and gourmet desserts. Those were the days my friend! I’m still trying to take off the pounds that I put on during that time Just kidding! I hope you are doing well. If you ever make it down my way, please call and I’ll meet you for coffee or whatever. God bless…

  3. Jeanne

    I love this page, it gave me such a sense of peace just reading it!

    • Thanks Jeanne! Actually, it did the same to me as I was writing it. It brought me a calmness and an assurance that He had always been with me, even when things at home were far from perfect. He’s been faithful…not only in my life, but in yours too! Think of all the things He’s seen us through. I’m glad we’re on this journey together…C.

  4. Faith Wood

    Carrie, your site is so great. We’re so alike! Remember when Liz and Anthony played soccer together, too cute! Reading your blogs helps me through the long days waiting for my liver. Thanks for being home those times I needed you…I’m doing better with that now. 🙂 I am home so maybe we can get together sometime. I get really tired so we’ll plan it some time. Love You!

    • Dear sweet Faith…I remember those times so well. Life was much simpler then and the trials of life had not yet begun to weigh on my heart. I loved watching Liz and Anthony together…they were SO cute! I know I have pictures of them…I’ll have to find them and post ’em here!

      I think of you often and prayerfully, and I know that even in the midst of what you’re going through, God will show Himself faithful. Sometimes I wish that He would spare us from life’s trials and tribulations, but if He did, we would be robbed of an opportunity to be further refined. And isn’t that what this life is all about…that in the end we would look more like Him? Your sweetness and kindness have always reflected His love and goodness. I’m so glad you’re my friend!

      When you’re up to it, just give me a call and I’d love to come by and see you. I’m always here!

      Love to you…from ALL of us at the Blinn home,

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