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The Happy Wanderer(s) – Day 2

After more than 24 hours of traveling, David and I had arrived safely in Edinburgh.  We were both quite tired, but knew we needed to adjust to this new time zone as quickly as possible. The best way to accomplish this was to ignore our exhaustion (easier said than done!) and not even think of sleeping or resting until some time in the early evening.  With that thought in mind, we picked up our rental car – a peppy little VW Golf – and headed south towards England.

untitledHaving had a bit of experience driving on the “wrong” side of the road, I became the designated driver and David, the wide-eyed, gawking passenger. It was a glorious day for traveling – sunny and bright with just a bit of chill in the air.


After bypassing the city of Edinburgh, we hopped onto the A68 and drove through the Scottish Borders – a rural area full of lovely little villages and fields dotted with frolicking sheep. Unfortunately, our nice weather disappeared the further south we traveled.


It didn’t take long for fatigue and hunger to catch up with us, so we stopped for a late lunch at a quaint little restaurant – The Caddy Mann. This inauspicious building held a much-guarded secret…it served the best slow-baked Borders lamb this side of Edinburgh.


Fork-tender and swimming in a pool of au jus..I savored every morsel!!


David had the medallions of pork with a mashed potato, haggis & rutabaga gratin – scrumptious as well!


After lunch, we continued south to Melrose – a quaint border village nestled along the banks of the River Tweed and home to the beautiful and almost complete ruins of Melrose Abbey – a Gothic-style abbey founded in 1136 by Cistercian monks.

P1060432Melrose Abbey from the west.


The south transept window.


Up the spiral staircase to the observation deck.


A roof level view.


Walking on the extensive grounds of the Abbey.


A beautiful view of the Abbey from the south.

Once back on the road, we continued south but had to make a quick stop at the scenic overview between the border of Scotland and England.


David on the Scottish side of the border saying …so long for the present!


Me on the other side of the border saying…hello England!!

With the fatigue of traveling beginning to take it’s toll on us, I was glad when we finally arrived at our destination.


Carraw Bed & Breakfast – our home for the next two nights!


We stayed in the Vindolanda Room – named after the Roman Fort built along Hadrian’s Wall almost 2000 years ago! The room had once been part of the original stone barn built many years before – notice the rugged stone wall behind the bed.


I fell in love with the old wooden beams above our heads!


And the view from our bedroom window was nothing short of spectacular!

We went to bed that night wondering what amazing sights tomorrow would bring.



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