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My cup runneth over

I was recently looking through some pictures that my daughter had pulled from one of our family photo albums. She was putting together a picture board (of herself) for her high school graduation party and wanted to include some photos of her growing up years. And because digital photography had not yet hit the mainstream of modern life, she’d made scans of hard copies and sent them (electronically) to Wal-mart for reprinting. Oh what a marvel is this electronic age! The scans, she saved.

With her permission, I browsed through her thousands of stored pictures and came across these select few. They took my breath away! They made me laugh. They made me cry. I remember these times like they were yesterday. And even though the busyness of child rearing almost made me crazy and I was afraid that I would ruin my children’s hope for a normal future, I am thankful that He entrusted me (and big D.) with the privilege and responsibility of raising these three young’ins.

My heart cannot contain the gratitude I feel. My cup runneth over….

September 8, 1996

Nine months later…

An early Spring…April 1998

Wandering together in eastern Washington – August 1999

The list continues…

4. The wonder and beauty of the family unit

5. Grace, grace and more grace to do the job that’s before us

6. My man…strong enough to keep me in line; tender enough to assuage my fears



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